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Gabriela’s motto, “Challenge is good. Change is good. Never give up, never ever lose your curiosity and willingness to learn and to believe in yourself.”, is something she lives by every day. 


A little over 20 years ago, after years as a fashion designer, the Swiss artist packed her belongings and moved to London to study art. After her studies, she continued to follow her artistic drive, first in London, then in Chicago and Bermuda. Today, her paintings, sculptures and panels are spread internationally and are found in private collections. 


Alongside the creation of her own artworks, the passion to share her knowledge and to inspire others has motivated her to dedicate herself to art education of both youth and adults. Currently, this takes the form of art classes for adults, as well as corporate workshops for companies that are looking to solve problems or re-invigorate a team.


Gabriela’s love for design has never left her, which she fulfils in her exclusive productions of furnishings and commitments to large scale renovation projects and new house builds. Today, Gabriela lives in Zürich with her husband and three children, were she works and teaches in her "STUDIO FOR ART AND DESIGN - A Place of inspiration!”.




2016 Studio for Art and Design, Zürich - Switzerland

2008 Masterworks Arts Foundation, Bermuda “Portraits”

2004 Masterworks Arts Foundation, Bermuda “New Works”



2008 Masterworks Museum of Art, Bermuda 'The John Charman Competition'

2007 Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation, Bermuda “Body of Works”

2003 Society of the Arts, Bermuda

2003 Bermuda National Gallery, “Art New Genre"

2002 Bermuda National Gallery, “Color in Focus”

2002 Bermuda National Gallery, “Bacardi limited Biennial”

2001 Rosemont Gallery, Bermuda


Covered in Ladies Drive, 2017.

Covered in the Two Hundred Year Celebration Tabloid of Christian Fischbacher in 2019.

Awards created for the Female Innovation Forum, 2018

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