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Design has always been a driving force in my practice; the value of quality and attention to detail that I was taught while studying and creating haute couture fashion 30 years ago is something that still resonates with my interior design work today. It’s this blending of disciplines that has shaped my identity as a designer; textiles are of great importance to my designs, and because of this, I don’t shy away from unconventional combinations of patterns, textures and colours. 


This constant desire to experiment with materials is reflected in all of my work, be it small scale, custom designed furniture, or large scale house renovations and new builds. 


Sometimes, all you need to make a space is the right furnishings. Drawing from my own experience, while also connecting with craftsmen and furniture makers, allows me to create a completely unique piece of furniture that is tailored specifically to your needs and desired image.


More recently, I have been working with clients on large scale projects, both in Europe and across the Atlantic, that involve collaborating with trans-disciplinary teams to create considered and authentic spaces. Working directly with architects, technicians and landscape architects from the beginning of a new build or renovation project provides a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of a client, while also ensuring that every element of their home is considered. Things like understanding the balance of light, the flow of a space and how to make a cohesive and connected environment can make all the difference when designing a new home.


Above all, the trust of my clients is paramount, and I will always be grateful for their belief in my vision. In order to build this relationship, studio visits are welcomed and encouraged, where clients can gather inspiration and view in-house designed products from previous and current projects.


Furniture and soft furnishings are made to order or can be found in the studio. A styling and interior design service can also be provided.


If you are planning a renovation or a new build and would like to do so with an architectural and interior design concept  in mind, please enquire about this service through the contact form.

Gabriela is the whole package.  From working with architects through the design phase, to sourcing products for construction, to all aspects of interior design, to custom building furniture, to producing and sourcing the best art and accessories for your home, she can do it all.  Gabriela listened carefully to all our wishes and came up with a plan to fulfil those wishes while at the same time encouraging us to take some risks with exceptional results.  She has endlessly creative ideas, is very efficient and gets things done!  Working with her on 3 projects so far has been the best adventure and we couldn’t be happier with the results.


Package service customer in Bermuda

In a heartbeat, Gabriela can visualise a finished room, integrating ideal colour combinations, materials and furniture - and of course, the right accessories. With her harmonious colour concepts and custom designed furniture, she transformed our cold, overly modern bedroom into a cozy one that had the ambiance we were always looking for. She also created a new atmosphere in our living room with colour accents, curated art and accessories. Innovative and creative ideas, visualisation, the ability to make a big impact with small tweaks - this is what Gabriela does best. For these reasons, I will always hire Gabriela for any future design projects, because I know she provides the results I’m looking for.


St. Gallen, Switzerland



In early 2021, I had the pleasure of working with the Christian Fischbacher company to re-design their Zürich showroom. The outdated look meant the space was never used; I worked with them to make sure that this re-vamped showroom communicated the values and high standards of the company to their clients. I reimagined the colour concept using their updated collection, and incorporated this into the showpieces, as well as the kitchen and storage area. Highlighting the bed collection in conjunction with their new interior fabric collection was something that had yet to be done in their showrooms, and it was important to me that each bed communicated a story through the curation and design choices.

“We worked with Gabriela to redesign the interior of our Zurich showroom and the collaboration was a pleasure throughout. Gabriela's approach is pragmatic and direct. Combined with her boundless creativity, this made the work unusually straightforward and allowed us to find together the optimal architectural solution in no time at all. Thank you, Gabriela!” - Michael Fischbacher, CEO of Christian Fischbacher

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